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Piosenka Let It Go Allie Moss na youtube

Days I Regret - Allie Moss
It kills me to say it, but these are the days I regretNever having said what should've been saidWhile I had the time, while you were still mineIt pains me to admit, but these are the times I regretNever having

Magnified Times Twenty - Allie Moss
I’m heaping compliments on youBut you turn them awayWhy can’t you believe me when I sayYou’re lovely, you’re lovely?I don’t need a list ofEvery flaw you think ofIt won’t chan

Passerby - Allie Moss
I am a passerbyHalf-smile as you cut in lineHold the door to be politeYou’re on your way and I’m on mineI don’t know the day you’ve hadI don’t know where your head is atYou’r

Prisoner Of Hope - Allie Moss
The bar is set so high that I can walk right underCan't reach even on my tippy toesNo matter how far I've run in training for this marathonI trip and fall, lose by a noseThen something taps me on the shoulderI

Rally - Allie Moss
When there’s nothing I can say to make things betterI sling my arm around your shoulder like a sweaterTry to bear some of the burden that you're wearingBut I can't seem to lift youThere's nothing that mak

Something To Hold On To - Allie Moss
you give me something to hold on toi hear your voice and it quiets my mindevery beautiful melodyevery perfect piercing lineyou give me something to hold on toyou are a vessel of lightto me tonightand while i wr

Way With Words - Allie Moss
You have such a way with wordsThey jump out from the page to pierce my mindAnd I hold them thereAnd repeat them to myselfMemorize them start to end til they are mineAnd I know them wellYou have such a way with

You - Allie Moss
You have seen me at my best, worstWhen I have news to share you're the first one I callYou can always make me laugh when I'm madYou push me to do things I am afraid of and I'm gladI cannot rememberBefore we wer

tłumaczenie piosenki Let It Go Allie Moss

My words in your mouth, finishing my phrase
It’s no surprise
That over these last four thousand days
You have become the one who can read my eyes

Darlin’ you see
The fear in me
And how I’d finally be
If I were willing to let it go

My hand in your hand underneath the table
Keeps me composed
Somehow you understand that I am more able than I know
Brave enough to let it go

Darlin’ you see
The fear in me
And how I’ll finally be
When I am willing to let it go

I don’t want to hold on tight to the
Ways that bring the death of me
Do the same thing over and over again
Expecting something different
You untether me…

Darlin’ I see
The fear in me
And now I’m finally willing to let it go

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