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Piosenka Hittin the hay Rednex na youtube

Piosenka Bottleneck Bob Rednex na youtubeBottleneck Bob - Rednex
Have you heard the story of Bottleneck Bobtried to rob a train with cattleHe laid in ambush above the hillsearly Sunday morningHe blew the tracks to smithereenswith the biggest blast you've ever seenand the cat

Piosenka Cotton Eye Joe Rednex na youtubeCotton Eye Joe - Rednex
Men:If it had't been for Cotton Eye JoeI'd been married long time agoWhere did you come from where did you goWhere did you come from Cotton Eye Joe (6x)Women:He came to town like a midwinter stormhe rode throug

Piosenka Fat Sally Lee Rednex na youtubeFat Sally Lee - Rednex
Who's gonna be the dancer of Fat Sally LeeWho's gonna be the dancer of Fat Sally LeeWho's gonna be the dancer of Fat Sally LeeWho's gonna be the dancer of Fat Sally LeeHey, hey, heyHey, hey, heyHey, hey, heyHey

Piosenka Football Is Our Religion Rednex na youtubeFootball Is Our Religion - Rednex
Playing football in the streetMaking magic with my feetWave your flags for the gameLets score a hat-trick for the fameAll the players are so coolGet on the field and play wonderfulWave your hands wave your hand

Piosenka Hold Me For A While Rednex na youtubeHold Me For A While - Rednex
What's that sparkle in your eyes?Is it tears that I see?Oh tomorrow you are goneSo tomorrow I'm aloneShort moments of timeWe have left to share our loveHold, hold me for a whileI know this won't last foreverSo

Piosenka Is he alive Rednex na youtubeIs he alive - Rednex
Come to me...Aaaaaaaaaa!Is he alalalalal alive!Is he alalalalal alive!Is it wrong or rightThat in a mine in a mine he hides.Is he alalalalal alive!Is he alalalalal alive!Is it wrong or rightThat in a mine in a

Piosenka Love me or leave me Rednex na youtubeLove me or leave me - Rednex
h.. Love you soThat’s while had to knowAnd my cry need watch yoursFrom the first than we mead loveMy soul in strong’n notLove me or leave me, nowIn there in my tears and boundsRise me when i deadLov

Piosenka Mama take me home Rednex na youtubeMama take me home - Rednex
- Yeehehee!- Hey fellas, come over here!- What for? I’m working!- You better check this girl out here- Yeah, yeah, yeah- I wish I wasn’t picking trash right now- Well, you are- Man, I’d give a

Piosenka Riding Alone Rednex na youtubeRiding Alone - Rednex
My baby's on his way and he's got nowhere to stayAnd I wonder what he's thinking on his ownHe's promised me his heart and he says he really loves meand I'll marry him as soon he's coming home[Chorus:]I'm riding

Piosenka Rolling Home Rednex na youtubeRolling Home - Rednex
Lightyears to be foundGaze out of my windowWant to feelWhat it is like to belongLead usRight through the nightHelp usFind a placeTo call homeChorus:We are rolling homeWe're rolling homeNo more hearts to breakNo

tłumaczenie piosenki Hittin the hay Rednex

You better hold on tight when we go hittin the hay
You better hold on tight and pray
You better hold on tight cause we go hittin the hay
Or darlin better run cause I won't hold back my horses

Round and round up and down
Slam your partner down til he hit the ground
And up you go now go go go
Spin him round and round til he can't be found

There's time to slay there's games to play
No more to say so everybody hit the hay

We got hittin the hay and we go hittin the hay
We will rumble and stumble all night and day
We go hittin the hay yeah we go hittin the hay
Til our backsides bleedin we go hittin the hay

Here we go again come and grab your friend
Shake him up shake him down
Gotta het a good blend
First you hold him tight then you kick him right
Sing hey-di-ley go hit the hay

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