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Piosenka Do you remember A1 na youtube
Do you remember - A1
Looking back on yesterdayMemories won't fade awayI can't forget the love we madeSo beautiful , we had it allNo use looking to the pastWe both knew it wouldn't lastBut it was fun we had a blastSo beautiful, as I recallWhere did it go yeah...Say do you remember on the first of DecemberWhen we were riding on the backseatTurned the radio on and played our favorite songAnd there we were making out to the back be

Better This Way - Adelphi
You know I'd give up everythingTo spend one more night in your armsI'd give up everythingTo listen closely to your heartbeatBut now your up and goneIt hurts so bad because I really miss youI wish i'd done it differentlymaybe if i played the right cardsyoud be here with mei cant bear this broken heartill take the time to seestop playing games, leave me wonderingif you could see me nowwould you beg or would y

Barwy szczęścia - Bartek Wrona
Nad miastem wstaje nowy dzieńCo przyniesie dzisiaj namRadość czy kilka gorzkich łezCzy coś odmieni w nasMoże los uśmiechnie sięMimo naszych winPodpowie nam, jak dalej żyćRef:Szczęście zwykle różne barwy maNie każdy o tym wieNie wystarczy nawet dobry planBy życie miało sensChociaż czasem wszystko jest nie takTo nie poddawaj sięSzczęście zwykle różne barwy maPrzed tobą nowy dzieńRano

A Magician'S Lapis-Lazuli - Absu
[1st Verse]He gave me the noble, enduring crown.He gave me the high throne of kingship.He gave me the imperial, regal sceptre.He gave me the laws of the realm.He gave me the facts of the Kurgarra.He gave me descend in this undersphere.He gave me the dagger; he gave me the sword.He gave me the staff and unphallic wand.He gave me concern.He gave me dismay.He gave me consternation.He gave me the art of this so

I Saw A Light - Bat for Lashes
I saw a lightI saw a lightComing through the treesI saw a lightComing through the treesFreshly cut lawnsAnd little children sleepwalkingI saw a lightI saw a lightShining on a carAnd a couple insideHad committed suicideDeath in your armsDeath in your armsI saw a lightI saw a lightComing through the treesAnd I packed my thingsAfter I saw the lightI packed my thingsThe light gave me lifeHelped me see more clea

Ocean - Annalisa
gdzieś pośrodku falna bezkresu dniemyśli samotne, błąkają sięokruchy wspomnieńfragmenty dniwiatr z północy lodem chłoszcze jekażdy wieczór samotny zamyka dzieńledwo tli się nadzieja, że coś zmieni sięblask księżyca ostatni ledwo zdążył na czasna srebrnej drodze życia prawie nie widać naswiec dość czekania jużmchem porastam od stópgwiazdy spadająmrok kołysze jeżadnej z nich ni

Piosenka Moments That Matter Aaron Lines na youtube
Moments That Matter - Aaron Lines
I used to think I was a bigshotThought I had it all but guess whatCan't measure life by the things you gotIn the end it all ends up to nothingI swear I missed so many birthdaysValentines, hallowe'ens and anniversariesLeft me lonesome in the worst waysBut mister I learned somethingChorusYou can't buy back the moments that matterYou can't buy back the moments that matterThere's a big pot of gold at the top of

Miller - Stań Tutaj
Co to się stało,Że ciało nie wybrałoZnów Józefa Oleksego,Chociaż chłop jest czysty.Idą młode lwyNa szczyt partyjnej listy,Ze świecą tu, kolego,Szukać komunisty.Już tylko MillerPopłynie każdym stylem,Ma zalet tyle,Co ostrych zębów w pile.Już tylko MillerFachowo wbija szpilę,Krew psuje w żyleKoalicyjnej sile.Miller!

Miliony monet - Mrozu
W górze tyle rąk, w górze tyle rąkAle giną gdzieś tam w tleIdę pod prąd, idę pod prądA ty wciąż oddalasz sięI w Twojej to jest gestiiCzy ulegniesz mej sugestiiZanim ściągniesz toSpłoniesz nim odpalę lontRef.Pozostaje tylko moment, chwila zanim ściągniesz toŚwiecisz jak miliony monet, spłoniesz nim odpalę lontPozostaje tylko moment, chwila zanim ściągniesz toŚwiecisz jak miliony mone

Luna Piena - Akiko Shikata
Nella nebbia notturna, il buio più fitto.Un bimbo smarrito ferito dai rovi.Uno specchio d’acqua fermo e arrugginito.Rispecchia, talvolta, la verità.Libertà è solitudine.Mi volgo al cielo notturno:“Aiutami!”Oh dolci raggi tra le nuvole, mia strada maestra.Oh Madre luna. Luna piena.Un dì lontano, proprio tu, ci hai messi alla luce.Ah tu che illumini ogni co

In Dread Of Insanity - Amon Din
I am the pastI feel the groan in my chestHuman stench all over the worldBlind my eyes and exert my soulLies, greed and senseless deathI'm in dread of insanity of manOver and over againPleasure turns into painTime and time againLove turns into hateWise men die in vainI'm sick of all these deathspeople are gripped with fearFaith fades, the end is near!

Hyperion Sunset - Abydos
Yesterday we built another bridgeA way to other spaces of (in) the sciencesWhere all the seasons we'll try to findThe reason and the merit for the measure of the timeWe found a back street of the cemeteryAnd felt the lie of hagiology'cause words are not enough forwhat we want to sayWe have to fleeAnd many seasWe have to crossTo AbydosHe lives under the seaIs the wind in the treesHe's the wisdom of the world

Piosenka Honky Tonk Superman Aaron Tippin na youtube
Honky Tonk Superman - Aaron Tippin
Well, down at the factory, I'm never lateI'm a mild mannered man who pulls his weightI give a hundred percent, I don't ever stop'Til Friday evening when I punch that clockThen I disappear until the weekend's throughAnd you'll never guess who I turn intoI'm a honky-tonk supermanReady or not, I'm back againDancing on the tablesAnd swinging from the chandeliersI'm a honky-tonk supermanThat's who I really amA r

Happy Drive Taste Your Stuff - Bennie K.
Mezurashiku yasumi deSora wa harewatatteHisashiburi ni kimi to futarikiri deKuuhaku no jikanTorimodosu you ni oh...Dekaketeta noniThere ain't nobody else...? Ain't nobody elseIma wadai no (what?)Kono eiga mo (haa?)Kenka goshi jaTsumaranai soLet's get outta here!Dara hadaka dara oh no!Dara hadaka dara ooh yeah!You know I had enough of thisSo babyDara hadaka dara oh no!Dara hadaka dara ooh yeah!We could have

Happy Days Are Here Again - Barbra Streisand
So long sad timesGo long bad timesWe are rid of you at lastHowdy gay timesCloudy gray timesYou are now a thing of the pastHappy days are here againThe skies above are clear againSo lets sing a song of cheer againHappy days are here againAltogether shout it nowTheres no oneWho can doubt it nowSo lets tell the world about it nowHappy days are here againYour cares and troubles are goneTherell be no more from n

Happy Day - Afromental
Waking up every mornig join the happy daykeep walking on with smile on your face, baby don't complainThe world is waiting for you, with all of it's graceso why don't you show them that the world is a happy placewhy don't you believe that you cansay it proudly, thet you're a joyfull menthe power of your smile can heal everythingSo everybody sing in the name of a happy day!I'm loving my life I'm doing allrigh

Goody Two Shoes - Adam Ant
With the heartbreak openSo much you can't hidePut on a little makeup makeupMake sure they get your good side good sideIf the words unspokenGet stuck in your throatSend a treasure token tokenWrite it on a pound note pound noteDon't drink don't smoke - what do you do?Don't drink don't smoke - what do you do?Subtle innuends followThere must be something inside he's hidingWe don't follow fashionThat would be a

Funny Place - Attic
mekurumeku yo na hibiminareta keshiki no my roomhakushi no chizu wa motte iruomoidoori dakedo kimama nikorogaru melodymado kara tobidaseru no?torihada noise ni kamitsukarete kurepakeru kairaku wo kisasete yaruano hi yume mita bashokizukeba mechanical thinkmune no itami mo mizu no awakitaidoorinaraba miwaku ni kazarareta melodysoko ni wa nani ga aru no?muchuu no sekai wo ajimi sasete kureawai spice wochiruba

Fork Down Throat - Babes In Toyland
Take your fucking forkAnd shove it down your own throatAnd stop pretending to to try to beThat infamous stupid raincoatWell I dare to confessCause theres an army with meNine oceans awayDon’t even bother meWell I can’t believe itThings are building from memories they guardAnd still you’re getting in my wayGet out of my wayNine oceans awayDon’t even bother meI can’t believe itGaz

Flashing Lights - Black Buddafly
Don't wanna let you goJust wanna let you knowDon't wanna let you goJust wanna let you knowBlack Buddafly(Flashing Lights)Ooh yeahOhEhWooYou know we've been gone for a momentWelcome backThank youWhat's the meaning of the feelingThat I get whenever you be leaving?Should I be cautious or falling deep inLove with you or should I just keep dreaming?Half of my mind tells me you're the oneWhen the other half sayin

Flake - Attic
fukai jounetsukiseki no deaiamezora ya hoshizorauso ya shinjitsukuroi yami ni kakureru koto mowarau taiyou ni terasareru koto monani mo naidakedo doko e demo ikeru tte kotofuan ya zetsubou wa merikaeteyukewake mo naku meguru kisetsu wo kanjitaratakaku maiagaremitasareta kotae nantemeguriyuku karatotemo konnan dadeaubeki subete no mono niSEI HAROO GUBBAIikiteku naka de hitotsu no Flaketachidomaru tabi miushi

Everybody Soul - Attic
Isshou iinari no mamaTokei no hari wa ugokasanaideChakushoku ryou to neon de ii ko wo ritaiya suru saTatta ichido noOkimari koto* wa kettobashichaeSaiaku ni hi wo tsuketaraNozome do wrongSkip peace & basisZettai zetsumeitekina yoru ni furu shootaimuVip mashin wo sasotte te ni ire ni iku zeOtoseru nara yeah!Eriito no sumu sekai deJiman no hana wa heshiorareteruSeikederikkuna kattaashatsuOshare jutsu de koodi

Dressed For The Occasion - Akissforjersey
(Run!!)I just want to go, far enough with less of you.You’re so played out, you’re so played out.There is no secret to your fallacies, the fight has just begun.Hanging from the top, you won’t stay here long.You’re the death of this era; you’re the death of this eraWe all feel out of place, yet, we’re so fitting of this nightmare.But we dress right, dressed for the occasio

Dramatic - Attic
Hey you! Dramatic coatingkurikaesareru kizuato naraba sabitemo NIGAku neekuichirakashita PURAIDO dakaraajina ikiyou desho? but!kagayaku dake no taiyou naraba doku ga hoshiku narukodoku no sekai sa feel nowAh sou sa BARABARA de imasuitoshii yoku ga nodo tsumaru kara...kono mama de itai desho?ubawareru sa toriko ni narimasuSUWIITO KOODO wo sakende nigetayumemigokochi wa ari desho?Good-bye! You've got realchik

Downvain - Aesma Daeva
Flow my tears, fall from your springs,Exiled for ever, let me mourn.Flow my tears, fall from your springs,Exiled for ever, let me mournWhere night's black bird her sad infamy sings,There let me live forever.My torture is thrown;My Torture is thrown.My torture is thrown;My Torture is thrown.Hark you shadows that in darkness dwell!Down vain lights, shine you no more,No nights are dark enough for thoseThat in

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