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Blue Feeling - Animals
Sit here and wonder what am I so blueIs it because I'm still in love with you ?Blue blue feeling got me down todayBlue blue feeling, my baby's gone awayNow that she's gone, I don't know what I'll doI guess I'll have to find, find somebody newBlue blue feeling got me down todayBlue blue feeling, my baby's gone awayBaby please don't leave me, oh don't leave meNow that she's gone, I'm feeling kind of blueI gue

Bedeviled - Agathodaimon
Immune to life... I'll always dieIn the palms of heaven, where serpents lieLife is Death - postponedBedeviled Paradise... web of all sinEthereal shadows rise, postmortem redeemedHell is paved with ParadiseLovelorn serenades into my heart I swallowLife pervades my scary eyesBedeviled, thee, whom I won't bewhom I antagonizeScarlet lips of indecencyIn search for a splintered tongueSharpened words of intimacyTh

360º - Ai Otsuka
kanransha MERI-GO-RANDO...SUKI ni nari sukiru to dame jyan,uun, KIRAI KIRAI KIRAISUKI ni nari sukiru to dame jyan,demo suki jyankoi wa meirokotae no naka wo korokoro mawaru GIVE UP!kanransha MERI-GO-RANDO...anata ga SUKI demo KIRAIkanransha MERI-GO-RANDO...anata ga SUKI demo KIRAIuun, KIRAI KIRAI KIRAISUKI ni nari sukiru to dame jyan,demo suki jyankoi wa meirokanransha MERI-GO-RANDO...anata ga SUKI demo KIR

Break The Silence - Alana Grace
(Break it, break it, break it, break it, break the silence)Walls are closing in on me,Closing fast they`re smotheringEdge of darkness at my feet,Feeling like I`m falling out of a dreamQuestioning my reason`s whyI feel we should say goodbyeThere`s only one thing I can doTo fix the situation that we`re going throughI guess I got to be the one toBreak it, break it, break it, break it, Break the silenceAnd just

Happy Drive Taste Your Stuff - Bennie K.
Mezurashiku yasumi deSora wa harewatatteHisashiburi ni kimi to futarikiri deKuuhaku no jikanTorimodosu you ni oh...Dekaketeta noniThere ain't nobody else...? Ain't nobody elseIma wadai no (what?)Kono eiga mo (haa?)Kenka goshi jaTsumaranai soLet's get outta here!Dara hadaka dara oh no!Dara hadaka dara ooh yeah!You know I had enough of thisSo babyDara hadaka dara oh no!Dara hadaka dara ooh yeah!We could have

Finger Painting of the Insane - Acid Bath
A cloud of flies obscure the sunA stone is dropped the dream undoneRipples grow and ride the tideThe dead thing crawls from deep insideWith its dying sour breathThe burning smell of insect fleshHungry things in circles crowdAround TV's turned up to loudWe are the dead next doorWhere the dirty needles shine and litter the floorTaste the light inject the lordI cut myself again because I'm so fuckin' boredThe

Like We Used To - A Rocket To The Moon
I can feel her breathAs she's sleeping next to meSharing pillows and cold feetShe can feel my heart;Fell asleep to its beatUnder blankets and warm sheetsIf only I could be in that bed againIf only it were me instead of himDoes he watch your favorite movies?Does he hold you when you cry?Does he let you tell him all your favorite partsWhen you've seen it a million times?Does he sing to all your musicWhile you

I Love My Sex - Benny Benassi
YeahAnd I Love My SexYeahI love my dresses, skirts, perfumes and jewelsI love my money, powerAnd I love my sex x4SexI love my dresses, skirts, perfumes and jewelsI love my money, powerAnd I love my sex

Obsession - Alana Grace
inside my insecurities I hide my imperfectionsI find my blurred realty inviting.getting lost and being chancy and get off on rejection[chorus]I only feel alivewhen Icant have itgod I want itneed itbreath itmy addictionso wrong that's why I like it, taste it, crave itmy afflictionthe lovingthe waitingthe thrill of going crazyit's my next obsessionif feel these vacancies of mine with unhealthy fascinationsit'

Wołam Cię (Bagdad Cafe) - Edyta Jungowska
Pusta droga gdzieś donikąd,w ustach piasek suchy, wiatr i skwar.Tak daleko jest do ciebie stąd.Nagle zakręt, za nim pusty bar.A ja wciąż wołam cię!A ja wciąż wołam cię!Moja droga tu skończyła się,nie wiem, po co zawsze biegłam tak.dziecka płacz za oknem budzi mnie.Całkiem inny jest tu kawy smak.A ja wciąż wołam cię!Czy mnie słyszysz?A ja wciąż wołam cię!A ja wciąż wołam cię!Cz

Dime Store Lover - Aerosmith
Pulled into town just to check out the sitesChantilly lace was head to toe in these tightsI smell that perfume now here she come againI can't believe this chick and a check out that grinThe way that you come yeah the way that you droolDon't give me no nevermind I ain't yesterday's foolYou buzzin' round my hive some and reek of self conceitRubbin up and down my leg like a dog in heatYou're a dime store lover

Every Time I Look At You - Blake Shelton
It brings back an old feelingRunning into you like thisI'm really not afraid of hurtingBut I can't stand the awkwardnessDo I laughDo I cryDo I dare look in your eyesOh no, here it goesMy hands start to shakeMy heart's gonna' showLike the day we metTo the night you said we're throughEverytime I look at youYou seem to be a bit distractedI wish that I could feel the sameYou never were too good at actingBaby so

Satellite blues - AC/DC
She makes the place a jumpin'The way she move aroundShe like a romp and rollin'That when she get it outAnd when she start a rockin'She bring me to the boilShe like to give it up somenew satellite blues (new satellite blues)new satellite blues (new satellite blues)A picture clear for watchin'The dish is running hotThe box is set for pumpin'she gonna take the lotthe way she get the butt inshe's gettin set to

Nie Mow Nic - Edyta Jungowska
1. Nie mow mi za duzo starczy kilka slow,kazdy znak od ciebie czytam tak jak z nut,kiedy do mnie milczysz wszystko mowisz mi.Kiedy mowisz duzo w glowie placza sie mysli co nie sluza ich nie moge znesc nie pros nie zrozumiem ja chce czuc.Ref. Nie,juz nie mow nic juz nie mow nic co nic nie znaczy.Nie juz nie mow nic nie nie mow nic co znaczy kazda rzecz2. Nie chce mowic duzo nie znam tylu slow mimo to wciaz m

Piosenka Battlestations Wham na youtube
Battlestations - Wham
You ask too much of me You try my patience Your tongue - it's like a razor You choose your words like weapons Here we go - Battlestations I never have the guts to let you look inside I don't think you'd appreciate the things that I hide CHORUS: Monday was the worst day And Friday wasn't my day But Wednesday was the best day Because on Wednesday night we made love All I'm trying to give you is a good time ho

Bleed You - Abney Park
And I need youAnd I grieve you, darlin'And I bleed youBut I still see what I will beAnd I need youFurther away from me & longer you stayI see that our love's not growing stronger everydayAnd I need youAnd I grieve you, darlin'And I bleed youBut I still see what I will beAnd I need youNo longer do I wish I'll feel the end of lifeFor it's been now many years since I first caused you strifeAnd I need youAnd I

Better better - A Flock Of Seagulls
It’s getting harder to believe the newsTo believe in what the papers may sayWell, baby, I’ve got news for youBecause the earth gets better each dayThat I love you, that I love youThat I love you, that I love youThat I love youAnd our love is getting betterThat I love you, that I love youThat I love you, that I love youThat I love youAnd our love is getting betterI know it’s hard for you to

Vow of silence - Blindside
I'll break my vow of silenceBecause I am what you told me you areBecause you showed me your unhealed scarRevealed and died in your own eyesRelieved me to see my own liesThrough the years it has become darker in that secret placeHis light pierced this lonely chamber through youAnd the truth shall set you freeI'll remember your truth that set me free from it gettingDarker and darker in that secret placeIt cam

Thor Arise - Amon Amarth
Run for your lives, death has arrivedTry save your soul, run from the sound of rowing oarsOut of the mistBreaks a dragon shipEven more fearedThan the nail-ship "Naglfar"A bear-coated man stands in the bowCold-eyed he gazes towards the shoerThe dragon's head is grim and redAll covered with blood, a gift to the mighty GodsWarshields are raised, the Gods are praisedThe people stare paralyzed with fearThe legen

Platforms - Ani DiFranco
Life knocked me off my platformsSo I pulled out my first pair of bootsBought on the street at astor placeBefore New York was run by suitsAnd I suited up for the long walkBack to myselfCloser to the ground nowWith sorrowAnd stealth

Piosenka Kingdom Of Darkness Abigor na youtube
Kingdom Of Darkness - Abigor
His kingdom - Kingdom of DarknessWhere you can hear agony screamsCry eternalFrozen moon, growing shadowsGlowing eyes are waiting(The) creator of darkness will riseAnd the sun will shine no longerCry eternalCondemned to walk away in the nightIn the land where cold winds blowWhere silence reignsFrom horizon to horizonThe wind leads your wayDarkness fills your soulYou'll be eternal in his kingdomKingdom of Dar

All I Could Do Was Cry - Beyonce Knowles
I heardChurch bells ringI heardA choir singingI saw my loveWalk downThe aisleOn her fingerHe placed a ringOooh, ohI saw themHolding handsShe wasStanding thereWwith my manI heardThem promiseTil death doUs partEach wordWas a painIn my heartAll i could doWas cryAll i could doWas cryI wasLosing the manThat i loveAnd allI could doWas cryAnd nowThe weddingIs overRice, riceHas beenThrown overTheir headsFor them li

Bolela (po rosyjsku) - Angina
Видимо не зря люди говорятЧто уже прошло не вернуть назадТы меня люб

I'm Not Going Anywhere - Agent 51
My mind is flyin' round, still pulsing from the sound, oh yeahForgot to lock the gate, close the book and seal my fate, oh yeahGotta get back to that one place within my mindInject the vein and count to ten and dieAnd just forget that I'm aliveI'm not going anywhereI may look a little worse for the wearBut I'm not going anywhereDidn't mean to set things back, felt the pressure made me crack, ohyeahThe blood

Almost everything is great - A
You've killed it offI can't believe the things you're telling meI hope you're jokingI can't take this seriouslyWhat a stupid question!What are you on about?Every time there's [...] you can't make meWhat a good reactionI don't know what to sayYou got- (x7)me fooledTake it as a friendYeah, like you want oneIt's time I smashed up my piggy bankIt's no good 'cos it's made out of concreteHere I am making pounds t

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